Development Seed redesigns: a professional site to play catch-up with

Development Seed siteDevelopment Seed is one of the (as far as I see) lesser known Drupal solution providers, who mainly concentrate on intranets, mobile stuff, aggregation and all kinds of good causes to use Drupal for. They are working with smart people of whom some are well known in the community.

I just checked their site yesterday and realized they pushed out a complete overhaul with a professional design and quality information organization. Their new site is all web 2.0 ready with a very stylish tag cloud and very personal with the team introductions and real faces appearing all around where content is posted. Blog posts and strategic areas are clearly connected, locally relevant information is shown in sidebars as you browse around. The new site is smart in the graphics design, organization and navigation of content to let them get the most out of what they have.

I was very positively impressed, because their previous site was just one of the common "we are developers not designers" approaches seen on many Drupal solution provider sites. In my humble opinion, their new site sets a high bar, and clearly shows that they are professional communicators. I am also eagerly watching their Disaster Relief Kit designs and more importantly the Managing News developments, as this later tool I would need myself for getting through the high dose of web development news coming through.

Disclosure: Development Seed supported my thesis work (Drupal 6 i18n tools development) with infrastructure as well as helping refine my thesis text for publication. I am guest blogging at the site (where they kindly call me a Drupal superstar, no less) for a short while to communicate my findings with the community.


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Thanks for your kind words :). I am glad you like it - just another example that Drupal can look like anything you can dream up. And for full disclosure, it has been a pleasure working with you on i18n. Keep up the great work! See you next month in Barcelona.

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