Drupal 8

The NYC Camp Drupal 8 Multilingual session that wasn't

Did you expect to see how Drupal 8 improves multilingual tasks at NYC Camp? Well, bad luck! I'd like to apologise in place of the NYC Camp team for their messing up the schedule yesterday and their lack of communication following. I was told to set up for my presentation in a room that was not even meant to be a presentation room, let alone my presentation room, even though it was confirmed by several volunteers coming to the room. Later on yesterday, several people asked me why I did not show up for my session. I did.

The good news is that I delivered this talk before, and although the latest recorded copy is definitely not as up to date as the one I worked on for NYC Camp, you can watch it here (fast forward to 12:04 to the start of the presentation itself):

I would have loved to talk to you, bring you all the good news, answer your questions and hopefully inspire you to join our efforts. I did not get a chance this time. Hope to catch up with you sometime later at other events!

Several upcoming opportunities to sprint on Drupal 8 multilingual improvements

We are heading towards the first Drupal 8 beta and there are several opportunities to help fix your pet peeves, help round out the Drupal 8 Multilingual features and just explore what is there and find and reproduce bugs if you are not that deep into development even. The following events host sprints where well known names of some of the Drupal 8 Multilingual team will be present. Meet and join us there to help get Drupal 8 to release sooner!

Five good reasons to register for Drupal Dev Days Szeged now!

I'm going!As you may have heard, Drupal Dev Days is going back to DrupalCon Europe 2008's host town Szeged, Hungary on March 24th to 30th, 2014! This is the ideal place for Drupal Dev Days, a whole week of sprinting with learning and participation opportunities plenty on Drupal coding and all the related technologies involved. Here are five good reasons to register for this event now:

  1. It is the biggest distraction-free sprint to work out remaining issues in Drupal 8 in the whole year. The sprint runs from Monday morning to Sunday night. Szeged wants to provide enough but also be out of your way to be awesome! For example, we booked the same venue up until midnight each day.
  2. We believe it is essential for a successful core sprint to have core committers on location. Szeged will have Alex Pott and Nathaniel Catchpole with Angie Byron supporting from home while we sleep. If you are a core developer in any capacity, having these two great leads directly at the same place is an amazing opportunity.
  3. Of course there is no requirement to be a core developer to attend! If you want to join the list of almost 1800 Drupal 8 developers though, Drupalize.me is flying in Joe Shindelar and Amber Himes to deliver the Community Tools Workshop to get you on board with all the tools and processes used in Drupal core and contributed module/theme development. Great new skill to have under your sleeves in 2014. There is not much hard about it once you get started.
  4. We are taking the BADCamp/DrupalCon labs concept and provide options for speakers to deliver 2 hour and 4 hour long workshops for a fuller deep-dive on development topics. Even if you don't want to be a developer of Drupal itself in any capacity, there is a good chance that if you earn money with Drupal, you would benefit from some of these deep-dives. This is a unique format that other events don't offer. (Admittedly we are short on submitted sessions so far. If you, yourself would love to deliver such a deep-dive or a regular session, see http://szeged2014.drupaldays.org/program/sessions, submissions close on January 15th (in 12 days)!)
  5. Szeged is a great cozy town! Many of those who have been there in 2008 asked us repeatedly to organise a come-back opportunity. Here it is and it only costs 30 EUR now! See our interview video on Szeged experiences at http://szeged2014.drupaldays.org/community/attendees. You won't regret coming.

With all these great reasons, what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket now at http://szeged2014.drupaldays.org/buy-your-ticket

Participate in great Drupal 8 training at DrupalCamp Vienna!

Drupal 8 is coming up! Check out https://drupal.org/drupal-8.0 for all the goodness that is coming! While on the surface, a freshly installed Drupal 8 does not look all that different than Drupal 7 (the backend looks and the menus are similar), the underlying system is way more powerful and flexible. We turned flexibility up a notch in countless areas.

How best to get to know this new version? Well, there are blog posts and videos plenty as we get closer to Drupal 8 being more stable. I am writing an article series on multilingual improvements myself. We do know that some people learn great on a focused day of training though, so some of us decided to offer community training (read: really cheap!) before DrupalCamp Vienna on several Drupal 8 topics.

Along many other great trainings, on November 21st 2013, I'm doing an all day hands-on with Drupal 8's multilingual system including site building and some coding as well.

I'm really looking forward this training because I have seven years of experience commercially training people on HTML, Perl, PHP, XML, XSLT, Drupal, etc. and really love the work that is going into assembling materials and setting up a coherent system to teach capabilities and possibilities. I am also looking for this opportunity to find more Drupal 8 bugs (which I will both in preparation and we will as part of the training, I'm sure - Drupal 8 is not yet ready after all). This is a great opportunity to do some deep-dives into what changed in Drupal 8 and learn the new best practices.

I did presentations about Drupal 8 multilingual improvements at various camps and DrupalCons and the feedback was amazing. Someone wrote in Prague: Good session, maybe it would need a little bit more time or limit the content. Presentator felt little overconfident, but that may be just me. He certainly knows what he is talking about.. I cannot help the strong confidence, as I really think Drupal 8 is going to rock your socks off in terms of multilingual improvements. But this is the opportunity to have plenty time to explore all the changes and get to know in a way you would not have a chance for a long while at least.

Sign up for the training at https://2013.drupalcamp.at/trainings/tickets, it is just 50 EUR. See you there!

Join the multilingual team on upcoming in-person sprints

As people say, the best way to learn is by doing! Did you ever want to have a better multilingual solution in Drupal? Well, Drupal 8 is a big chance. While not everything will be perfect, it will be worlds apart from Drupal 7 in all the good ways. To quote some feedback from DrupalCon Prague: The work you have done for translations is a 'game changer' for the future of Drupal. and Can't wait to be able to use it on production!

The best way to get started is to help fix the remaining issues! You not only get to have your hands on the new features in Drupal 8 and learn the intricacies of them, but also get mentorship on how to build with them and also help Drupal 8 get out sooner and be a better solution. We also have a lot of fun! Full of win!

To join in-person sprints, we have some options for you in the upcoming two months:

If you cannot make it to the in-person sprints, we are congregating in the #drupal-i18n IRC channel and have a meeting there every other Wednesday. See meeting dates/times on the front page of http://www.drupal8multilingual.org/.