Port your module to Drupal 9 to make me donate more to #DrupalCares

The #DrupalCares program is all around the Drupalsphere. Project lead Dries Buytaert broke the news on March 25th, that the Drupal Association needs our financial help to overcome challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I almost immediately donated and if you have the financial means, I would suggest you do so as well. However this is a tough time for many, and even without COVID-19, unfortunately not everyone is financially privileged to have money to spare.

I am among the lucky ones who get to keep their job, already worked from home and can even support the Drupal Association financially. At the same time, my workdays are focused full speed ahead on preparing Drupal 9 for release (among many other people). And we definitely need contributed modules to come along soon. Updating modules for Drupal 9 is much easier than it was for previous major releases and most modules can still stay compatible with Drupal 8. So I decided to join the two and turn your updated modules into monetary donations to #DrupalCares as well! How? Here are the ground rules:

  • For any drupal.org project that already existed yesterday
  • If the project did not yet have a Drupal 9 compatible release yesterday
  • But you are making a Drupal 9 compatible release available in the next two weeks (until the end of April)
  • I'll donate €9 to the #DrupalCares fund.
  • Up to at most €900
  • At the end of April.

I'll make sure to send the donation before the end of April to participate in Dries and Vanessa Buytaert's fund matching.

While this will only be a drop in the ocean in the fundraising efforts, I hope it will allow those who don't have the financial privilege but have the time available and interest to learn updating projects to Drupal 9 to contribute their way as well. I previously built a tool at https://dev.acquia.com/drupal9/deprecation_status that allows you to review project readiness and find which project maintainers to work with, eg. ones that have a Drupal 9 plan and only need their info.yml files updated. Earlier today I published a video on using Upgrade Status to verify results locally and drupal-rector or Upgrade Rector to generate patches.

I'll monitor new project releases and keep you posted on how this is going!

Ready, set, go!

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