Tools for the D7CX movement and helping Drupal 7 and modules get translated

Moshe Weitzman recently started the D7CX movement to rally people to get Drupal 7 contributed modules upgraded and released on time for the Drupal 7 release. This would be a great boon to the Drupal 7 release, which shapes up to be a huge improvement over Drupal 6 already. He also suggests a contributed module release manager who can help with (among other things) ensuring that tools are available to help people upgrade.

The future of Drupal interface localization for you

In a recent blog entry titled The future of Drupal interface localization lies in install profiles I showed you a proof-of-concept way for a new Drupal interface translation packaging format. As the Drupal 5 release is closing on us, and we were able to fix quite a few small glitches around interface translation related problems, I decided to clean up the packaging scripts and release them to the public, so other translation groups can try this distribution format and we might eventually get this up at as the default.