Several upcoming opportunities to sprint on Drupal 8 multilingual improvements

We are heading towards the first Drupal 8 beta and there are several opportunities to help fix your pet peeves, help round out the Drupal 8 Multilingual features and just explore what is there and find and reproduce bugs if you are not that deep into development even. The following events host sprints where well known names of some of the Drupal 8 Multilingual team will be present. Meet and join us there to help get Drupal 8 to release sooner!

  • DrupalCamp London Feb 28 - March 2 now provides sprint opportunities on all days of the conference. (I will personally not be able to be there on the Sunday, but lets find each other on the other days). Unfortunately there is not much information about the location or people planning to go sprinting.
  • Drupal Dev Days March 24-30 is going to be our biggest sprint this first half of the year for a whole week in Szeged, Hungary. A huge number of the team working on the initiative will be in attendance for the whole week. Come join us there! We hope to be working on the beta in Szeged.
  • NYC DrupalCamp Arpil 10-13 also provides sprinting opportunities on all days. Unfortunately there is not much information yet on the sprint space but the classic signup sheet is posted. Keep a close eye on the website for more information.
  • DrupalCon Austin May 31 - June 8 (including all weekend pre and post sprints) will offer plenty of opportunities to work on Drupal 8. At that point, we'll hopefully work on remaining criticals and majors for release candidates. The regular signup sheet is available.

We hope to work on the first beta in Szeged and hope to work on major and criticals for release candidates in Austin. Need your help to make this happen! If you are not into coding, we have things to reproduce, screenshot, test, summarise and so on. You can be of tremendous help either way. Let's meet at one of these sprints!

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