Check out the beta version of running on Drupal 6!

I've helped recently to unfork the Bluebeach theme (the theme used on and subsites) which was used with different code on and So now both sites can use the same source code for their theming. I've also ported the changes to the Drupal 6 port of the theme which was done by Earl Miles earlier, based on the Drupal 5 version. These were all in anticipation of doing upgrades of and subsites with the existing theme before going to the next step with Mark Boulton's redesign.

Now Niel Drumm stepped ahead and put the Drupal 6 version of Bluebeach into testing with his port and improvements of the API module, which is used to run The new testing site at is the first subsite to be upgraded from Drupal 5 / to run Drupal 6 (the Drupalcon Washington site was launched on Drupal 6, but it runs under not

Niel is asking for feedback on a post about the upgraded theme and module as well as the new API comparison feature (which I like very much). Since this is the first test site running the theme, helping test just that ensures a smoother upgrade of itself which paves the way for the redesign implementation. Take the new site for a test drive, check out the new features!


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The comparison feature confused me at first. I was expecting it to show me the differences between the versions of the function, not the difference in how to call the function.

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Yay for API module love!

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