Drupal presentations and security releases

Some time ago, Szilveszter Farkas approached me to be one of the presenters of the Free Software Nights meetings, of which the first event happened to be yesterday. I was talking about the Drupal history, the community and business environment. But it also turned out early this week that I am going to help out with the Drupal security releases, which also happened to be yesterday evening (my local time).

So basically I had much less time to prepare for my 20 minute presentation and needed to skip the socializing part of the evening, hurrying to a friend's flat (so many thanks István Palócz) to grab internet connection and coordinate everything with the security team. Special thanks go to Neil Drumm for helping me through my first security release, so I was able to do the Drupal 4.7.8 and Drupal 6.0 beta 2 releases at the same time.

I was lucky enough to get joined by Pál Palócz, so we were also talking a bit more Drupal after the security releases were ready, and because my last train home was already gone, Pál drove me home way into the night. This was a rather packed evening and we still got everything done.

Being so busy with these things, I just realized today that Angie Byron's Google Tech Talks presentation on Drupal is up on Drupal.org. Whats positively shocking for me is that she speaks for not much then 20 minutes and tells so much about the project, of which I did manage to get only a small portion into my presentation (although my focus was a bit different). So I can only say that her presentation is what I'd point you to if you are interested in a well packed Drupal introduction.

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