FrOSCon CFP closing up, Drupalcon Barcelona (web) registration open!

This year, for the first time, a big two day Drupal event is going to be organized in Sankt Augustin, Germany as part of the FrOSCon 2007 conference (25th-26th August, 2007). Robert Douglass has more to say on this on the dedicated Drupal group, looking for speakers and sponsors for the event. The call for papers deadline of FrOSCon is closing up, you only have one week to propose a session on Drupal (or any other FrOSCon fitting topic) for the conference! Update: The Drupal session submission deadline for FrOSCon was extended to 1st July!

In the meantime, the organizers of Drupalcon Barcelona 2007 (19th-22nd September, 2007) are going forward too. The web registration is already open, which allows you to send a session proposal to the organizers. Although it is not clearly communicated whether the so-called "web registration" actually means a conference attendance registration too. The session description field also sports a limited WYSIWYG editor, which I don't think was a very good idea, but anyway, let those sessions go in! On a related note, Drupalcon Barcelona also has a design contest for the conference logo, which will be printed on t-shirts, name tags, leaflets and so on. This design contest dealine is even closer, only three days left to participate! The design contest deadline was extended until June 10th, and some nice proposals are already in!

Being an organizer of several conferences here in Hungary, I very much appreciate the work that goes into organizing these great events, and I can't wait to be there to meet some Drupal developers I did not meet for some time now (or even not at all)!


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You forgot to mention that you're going to be one of the speakers at FrOSCon! Gábor has proposed to do a talk on all of the great language tools that are going into Drupal 6. This is a topic that is of critical interest to a large number of European Drupal developers, and hearing the news from the great master himself will be very exciting =)

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Well, it would not be possible without the numerous hard workers with whom we do the batch API, node translation, the language subsystem and so on. It is clearly a team work! :)

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I've confirmed with the conference organizers that the deadline for the Drupal track has been extended to July 1.

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