From English blog to my personal blog

Last November, I started off with the intention that more Hungarian contributors will join and share their experience with fellow English speaking Drupalers through that channel. As a matter of fact, people like to keep working around their own homes, so there was only one post from Tamás Amon apart from my continued posts. It was just time to acknowledge that the English blog was carrying my thoughts, documenting my work and ideas, so it was evident to move it out of that place and make it my own blog (which I never had one myself before).

On the way of moving the site, I updated the code from Drupal 5.1 to 5.2, added the tagadelic and flickr modules, so I have my flickr photos shown and a tag cloud (with tags I added from scratch just yesterday, thanks to having a manageable number of posts still). I plan to add other content like a list of upcoming conference appearances, where we can meet and so on. As far as the theme goes, it is just a (little bit modified) Alek 2.0 theme. I am not an exceptional graphics artist myself, and this theme looks very good IMHO, so it fit my needs.

When turning on the flickr module, I realized most of my recent flickr photos are "boring" Drupal screenshots, so continued where I last left off, and uploaded some (still not so recent) photos from my queue. I am still processing photos from 2006, but I might slowly catch up with time and actually post recent photos sometime.

That said, I plan to post non-Drupal stuff too in the future. We will see how it works out actually.


Eric Gundersen's picture

I really like that you made usable real estate out of the footer. Nice work here.

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

Well, as far as I know this type of organization was pioneered by the Hemingway Wordpress theme (or at least I don't know of other precedents), and I really like moving stuff out of the sidebar to make pages less text-heavy, so this seemed a natural direction to take. It obviously helped that this was a feature of the Alek 2.0 theme I use, so it only required some clicks to accomplish ;)

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