Sharing our experience

Note that this post (as all posts before August 5, 2007) were moved from At the time I started, the idea was that more people would join, but it became my personal English blog, so decided to move it to my own domain.

We always had the idea of somehow sharing the tips and tricks that come up while building and other Drupal sites we work on (like We built interesting modules to market our Drupal conference, to handle specific workflow needs and such, and we learnt many things on the way. These tips are sometimes better shared then kept secret, because even we will remember better later, if we write them up and explain the methods used.

This is why was born. Here I am starting to share some of the tips I use and I also would like to start playing proxy for the Hungarian community to the world. Sometimes there are generally interesting events or news which should be heard internationally. My hope is that more Hungarian community members take the helm and join me and we create a real community blog. There are surely interesting projects around here in Hungary, some of them are close to the scale of the Onion (or at least look-alikes). We will see.

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