All the multilingual content at DrupalCon Prague

DrupalCon Prague is in the middle of Europe, so it is just natural that there are lots of multilingal content at this event. The following is a run-down of where you may want to go to get information, ask questions and even better: get involved!

Get all the information

  • Translation management (Thu, 1-2pm) by Michael Schmid and Cristophe Galli explores the tmgmt module suite for workflows and third party integration for translations.
  • Multilingual site tools in Drupal 8 (Tue, 1-2pm) is my session about the work done by 800+ contributors to make Drupal 8 step up several levels in multilingual support. Come to explore all the ways Drupal 8 is going to make your life much easier!

Ask all your questions

  • Creating a multilingual site (Thu 10:45-11:45am) is a BoF organized by the fine people at Lingotek where you can see their integrated translation solutions in action on Drupal 7.
  • Translation management tool deep dive (Thu 14:15-15:15) is a BoF to go hands-on with tmgmt and ask all the questions that did not fit into the session.
  • Find me at the Acquia booth on Tuesday from 2-4pm to talk about multilingual, Drupal 8 and many other things I do or Acquia does.

I usually organise a "Multilingual therapy" BoF to bring your pains and doubts, and just answer all random questions. With so much BoF coverage I think you'll find your answers. If not, I'll try my best to be there at these BoFs anyway, so we can get things sorted there too.

Work with us and get the best hands-on help

Did you ever want to have someone be able to step in and help you when learning a new system? Well, we need people to help make Drupal 8 rock and you will enjoy exploring and getting first hand help from us. Deal?

Thanks to sponsorship by Capgemini and others, we'll work from the Saturday before DrupalCon to the Sunday after to further Drupal 8's multilingual features. We already resolved almost 500 issues and gotten a long way from Drupal 7 to improve multilingual experiences for all users, but there are more things to work on still!

If you can still join us there, we'd love if you could sign up, so we know you are coming.

Looking forward to seeing all you in Prague!

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