Thanks to Mollom for protecting this blog from spam

Dries approached me a few months ago, whether I was satisfied with unsolicited content submission solutions I was using on my sites. Well, I was using captcha as anyone else, and the promise of an automated content analysis service which would get my site rid of captchas in most cases did sound very attractive, so I jumped on the train and installed Mollom on this blog. It was hard to not get the word out and always talk in secret-speak instead with people who I knew use or know about Mollom. Since yesterday, Mollom is in public beta, so people can try it for themselves. My spam/ham graph from the Mollom site shows how well does this service serve my site without me doing much about it (and the graph/site looks sexy too):


While Mollom started off with spam identification, it is already doing unsolicited user registration blocking and other content protection schemes are on the plan, including quality and offtopic content analysis. I am eager to see what comes out of this adventure of Dries.

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